Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Feature Film : Budget 2009 ?

I'm sorry I have been busy for a while. I got stuck at work, and so and so. So its finally we are at the end of the year and in a few days, the new year will begin. So what's so great about 2009 ? After a year of ups and downs ... its look like ...we're heading south. For us in Malaysia .... consider this ...

1. The used car industry reported that sales are dropping, less people are buying cars. The situation arises due to

a. People are trying to save money due to the uncertainties.
b. People don't have the money
c. Banks won't give loans

The conclusion is, less money to go around. The velocity of money has been slowed by the situation. Therefore its going to be harder to get money.

2. The fall of crude oil prices will affect petronas's income. So lesser income ... lesser tax to the govt. guess .. its going harder for the govt to get money in the future.

3. more companies will file losses thus, lesser tax revenue.

4. Falling commodity prices will affect 3 of our exports ... crude oil, palm oil and rubber.

5. Falling demand on electrical goods will hamper our electronic exports ... companies will have to take cost cutting measures. Factories may have to cease operations.

6. lets just hope ... the tourism industry is not affect ... lol

i guess it looks bleak, lets pray we will see light at the end of the tunnel

chow ..

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