Monday, September 8, 2008

Malaysia and The New World Order

1. We often heard the phrase " The New World Order" in the newspapers, the television, books and all sorts of media. However, do we really know what the hell does it means ? Eventually, who are the ones who have the power to dictate what is " The New World Order" ?

2. Everyday when we wake up and get on with our daily lives, do we realize that " The New World Order " is being forged without us even knowing or seeing it or we don't even know what the hell it is and how it is going to affect our lives.

3. Lately, most of us Malaysians are complaining on the increase of cost of living due to rising fuel cost. Its not just us Malaysians, the whole world is in distress due to the rising fuel prices. However, recently we have seen that world fuel prices is declining. Therefore one question arises in my head, what was the real reason of the escalating fuel prices ? Is there really a shortage of fuel in the world market ? Until now, no one has come out with the answer on why does the fuel price increase. I read in the news and on the net, all the possible causes are merely just notions and hunches by economist trying to justify the increase by applying text book economics of supply and demand. However, is there a possibility that the escalating price was a situation engineered and properly executed and coordinated by a certain entity which have the capability to do so ? In that case, that entity might have the ability to set " The New World Order "

4. If that is the case, how do we mitigate this mischievous act which destroys our life, our nation and our country.

5. These are the few questions which riddled me everyday and causing me to lose sleep thinking, reading, researching. I'm not an economist, I'm and engineer by profession. But all these events is encouraging me to know more on economics. Anyone want to sponsor me for a postgraduate degree ?

6. Due to the factors above, I feel that it is our obligation as Malaysians to be prepared and safeguard our national interest against these forces of the unknown which is trying to siphon our wealth and destroying our nation.

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