Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I posted in Dr. Mahathir's Blog

Regarding to Tun's post, I would like to elaborate some more points.

1. The US Federal Reserve is basically a private corporation and it's major goals are to profit more.

2. The reason why the US Federal Reserve is bailing out AIG is because of that the AIG is a major guarantor of many derivative products such as CDO's etc which are deemed as " toxic waste " by most economist. These financial products needed to be insured so that it can improved it ratings by the ratings agency. Thus luring investors to buy those products. If AIG fails, it will render all those financial derivative products to be worthless and losing value. Resulting that more financial companies and hedge funds are going busted due to that their so called paper assets are considered worthless as if it was toilet paper and it means they are insoluble. If this happens, there's going to be more failure in the finance sector.

3. The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air as if creating money is just a matter of creating an entry in an book keeping account. Please do some research on how banks created money.

4. The value of US Dollar is rallying up recently. Maybe someone could explain to me why since most of the commodities and equities market are suffering. Something is not right when prices are going down but supply is not enough or the market has been filled with coordinated speculators and hedge fund traders who took part in creating a bubble to manipulate the market and sucking out our hard earned income. Or something much more eerie is brewing up as if we're going into a war.

5. I think it is wise for Bank Negara to dump US dollars. However if a war broke out. I wonder what will happen to the US dollar.

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