Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Americans : You Just Have Been Robbed !

Dear fellow Americans, you just have been robbed by the greatest scam ever to took place on earth. Treasure Secretary Timothy Geithner just paid those big fat cat of Wall Street trillions of dollars just for taking your country into the new depression. Things are not just going to get better now, its gonna get even worse. By bailing the major banks, buying toxic assets at rediculous price and they will charge you all for all the follies these banks made. They are not the ones suffering, its the average joe is the ones who suffer, the ones who toiled day and night and finding themselves had to pay it back in taxes. What the fuck is that ! They're gonna print money out of the presses and reduce your currency into merely toilet papers. Are you gonna work for them if they gonna pay you toilet papers ? To hell .... you can use it to wipe your asses. It is time for a revolution in the US, the government is working for those who paid them fat cash and sponsors during the election. America has become a police state. All the Al Qaeda bullshit is just merely stories they sell just to justify their moves and to misdirect the public from the real issue is. I'm not anti America but i think you just got scammed big time into paying taxes to pay a perpetual debt which is only going bigger and bigger by the day.

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